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KOIKKI® Launches Intensive Repair Ampoule Essence into Australia market

KOIKKI® creates a breakthrough formula combined Australia & New Zealand's natural ingredients with the cutting-edge technology of Japan, which has been successfully used in all products.

Multi Ethnic Models

A skin-care trend about simplifying with multitasking products. Even though there might be time-consuming 10-step routine, many experts believe it is worth keeping: Ampoule. KOIKKI® Ampoule have higher

active ingredients can make it easier for people to address specific concerns, making their skin care more customized without overapplying additional, less-effective products.


KOIKKI® Using Natural Biodegradable Mask Paper Now

At the beginning of product design, we realized the importance of product sustainability. The mask paper

is made of natural materials and has biodegradability,

even if it burns, it will not produce harmful substances.


Due to the high temperature, light, air oxidation, and other reasons, traditional packaging will make functional activities become inactive. When opening an ampoule, you can enjoy a 100% fresh, active, and highly-concentrated facial treatment without inactivation of the ingredients, allowing the skin to hydrate and repair with a better skincare effect and experience.

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