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KOIKKI Ampoule


1. What is an ampoule?


An ampoule is a package method of installing the essence in sterile, capless, seamless small tubes that are sealed at high temperatures. The excellent sealing contributes to the feature of 98% high concentration of active ingredients.


2. What's the difference between ampoule and serum?


Due to the good sealing, KOIKKI ampoules are free of chemical preservatives. You get to open a fresh, active, and highly-concentrated ingredient that has been precisely measured (whereas a serum bottle can sit on a shelf for months). Also, the concentration of the active ingredients in the ampoules is usually higher than that in the serum.


3. Can I use KOIKKI ampoules every day?


Yes, you can. The KOIKKI ampoule is an intensive facial treatment. This 21-day cycle at the core of this skincare program can provide the best results. We recommend using one ampoule per day.


4. What are the recommended steps to use KOIKKI ampoules?


After cleaning the skin with facial cleanser, use toner for a second cleansing. Then, let KOIKKI ampoule replace your daily facial essence. Followed by normal skincare steps, such as eye essence, lotion, cream, etc.


5. Is it recommended to use it in the morning or at night?


KOIKKI ampoule is good for both night/day use. One in the morning helps to awaken sleepy skin and make your makeup look brighter and more delicate. Using at night can maximise the repair, moisturising, brightening, and anti-wrinkle effects of the ampoule.


6. Why can't I open the ampoule?


First, please follow the product packaging steps to try. Please note that you need to cleanly snap the cap from the neck of the ampoule, not pull it out. If it still cannot be opened, please move to the sales store and seek help from store staff.


7. What types of skin are KOIKKI ampoules suitable for?


Our products are suitable for all skin types, mainly for dry skin, sensitive skin, and damaged skin, helping to reduce inflammation, calm the skin, and moisturise the skin in a mild way. If you have skin problems such as rashes, acne, etc., please follow your doctor's advice.


8. What are the specific effects of KOIKKI ampoule?


Moisturises, repairs damaged skin, and strengthens the skin barrier. Boosts anti-ageing and skin cell regeneration. Reduces the appearance of fine lines with long-term usage. Diminishes melanin, dark spots, and hyper-pigmentation. The subjective experience of people will be different because of the different ages, genders, skin types, and skin conditions.


9. What's the texture of KOIKKI ampoules? Will it be greasy or heavy?

This ideal ampoule is light in texture and easy to absorb. Please feel free to use it on oily skin.


10. Can I use it around the eyes and lips?


Yes, you can. Remember to use the lifting massage technique instead of circling to maximise the effects of lifting and tightening to restore youthful skin!


11. Do KOIKKI ampoules have to be used up at once?


Yes. Since our ampere is packed aseptically, if it is not used up at one time, the activity of ingredients in the ampoule will gradually decrease. For best results, we recommended using one ampoule per, and one whole tube at a time. If you can’t, it is recommended to put it in the refrigerator and keep it sealed. The storage time should not exceed 24 hours.


12. Why doesn't choose glass as the packaging material?


Although glass is a recyclable material, many buyers will scratch their skin due to the glass slag and the edge of the glass bottle mouth after opening ampoules. This is the biggest reason why the sales of glass ampoules are blocked. Therefore, for the sake of consumer safety, we did not use fragile glass materials.


13. No chemical preservatives in KOIKKI ampoules?

Yes. The sterile and independent packaging characteristics isolate the chemical reaction of active ingredients with oxygen and other factors, so there is no need to add any chemical preservatives. KOIKKI ampoules can present the freshest and most active ingredients, which are safe and hygienic as clean beauty.


14. Why is the price of this ampoule so high?


The production cost of KOIKKI ampoules is far beyond most skincare products. KOIKKI ampoules selected a large number of precious ingredients, such as Bifida Ferment Filtrate, Triple Purity Hyaluronic Acid, Rosa Rugosa, Nicotinamide, Astaxanthin, etc. Also, each tube of the ampoule is aseptically and independently packaged, which increases the materials and labor costs.

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