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Australia shares with New Zealand, the highest diagnosis of melanoma throughout the world and also has the highest diagnosis of non-melanoma carcinomas. Skin cancer causes more deaths than transport accidents every year in Australia.


At the beginning of the product design, we found that most people only protect their skin from the sun daily, but ignore the problem of after-sun repair. While applying sunscreen, the skin still experiences redness, fever, and sensitivity after a whole day of exposure. If left untreated, it can lead to irreversible fine lines and pigmentation.


Skin needs to be hydrated after sunburn. Exposure to ultraviolet light also can impair skin barrier function, and cause light sensitivity. But many ingredients in ordinary skincare can easily cause secondary damage to the skin, such as retinol, alcohol, acids, and others. Therefore, it is first recommended to choose repair skincare to relieve skin sensitivity and restore the damaged skin barrier in the daytime. 


In addition, season changes, long-distance travel, fatigue, sudden changes in temperature, external pollution also can cause skin damage. When facial masks cannot save your skin, you could try ampoule essence. Many wedding makeup artists will use ampoule to quickly restore the skin to its best state.


Of course, according to the skin conditions and different demands, we suggest choosing skincare products to refer to the composition of the essence. If you want brightening, aminoamide, vitamin C, arbutin is helpful. For moisturising demands, you can select skincare that contains hyaluronic acid, amino acids, and hyaluronic acid. For anti-wrinkle firming, you should pay more attention to the ingredients including peptides, astaxanthin, vitamin E, retinol, etc. It is recommended that you carefully check the product ingredient formula before purchasing, and place orders rationally.


KOIKKI ampoule is specially designed for people with sensitive skin. The ingredients are natural, non-irritating, and no artificial preservatives. 


We recommend using ampoules after cleanser and toner to improve absorption. Reasonably adjust the follow-up skincare product dosage according to the skin type, and the climate of the area. 

natural sun repair essence
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