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best moisturizer ampoule for face

Founder Takaragi Keiko moved to New Zealand with her parents when she was seven years old.  Due to New Zealand's dry climate and strong ultraviolet rays, Keiko and her family have been suffering from sensitive skin problems for a long time. A New Zealand dermatologist said that Keiko's skin is far more sensitive and fragile than others. In addition to protecting her skin, she was advised to pay more attention to her skincare and this would also reduce the risk of skin cancer.


While she was studying in Australia, Keiko tried lots of products, but none of them worked well. In 2016, Keiko met with two investors, so she determined to use Australia and New Zealand's natural ingredients and the cutting-edge technology of Japan to innovate a new skincare product exclusively for dry and sensitive skin.


Keiko hired a top cosmetic chemist, taking her time to perfect her formulations. Combining autophagy and Japan's unique fermentation technology, KOIKKI releases the natural power of Australasia. After four years, 2300 tests, KOIKKI’s soul products are refined — Intensive Repair Ampoule Essence. 

Keiko said: "I am proud to successfully combine the latest Japanese technology with Australasia natural ingredients. I will continue to pursue the highest quality for my products and strive to continue kaizen endlessly."

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