1.Aseptic packaging

Strictly speaking, ampoules must be installed in sterile, capless, seamless tiny tubes that are sealed at high temperatures. Consumers should carefully choose ampoule products with quality assurance. The user needs to twist the bottleneck of the tube to pour out the essence.


  2.No preservatives or additives

The active ingredients in the sealed ampoule are stable. Although it is not vacuum packaged, the ampoule contains only the essence and a very small amount of sterile air, which is not easy to be differentiated, oxidized, or attacked by bacteria. Since it is a one-time use, our ampoule does not contain preservatives.


  3.One vial daily 

Ampoules are disposable products. Each ampoule has a very small capacity. We recommend using it up once. If you can’t, you could still use it up several times. But since ampoules do not contain preservatives, you should use them as soon as possible. 

For the best result, we suggest using it all at once, spreading the essence upon the face and neck.


   4.High content of active ingredients

Generally, the price of ampoule is higher than that of serum. Due to its high penetration, the effective ingredients of ampoule are much higher than that of ordinary serums. Ampoule works faster than ordinary skincare products, which is attractive to modern people who strive for efficiency.


  5.First-aid for damaged skin

Ampoule is not the same as the replenishment facial mask. It can be a "first aid station" for the skin. On some special occasions, such as taking photos of the wedding day, model fashion show, attending important banquets, etc., many professional makeup artists prefer to use an ampoule to calm and repair the skin before makeup. It is convenient, effective, clean, and healthy.

The repaired skin will tighten, have good moisture content, and is easier to put on makeup, keep the makeup effect excellent and lasting for a longer time.

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